Far Secrets, Northern Visions

Session 1: Into the North


Upon returning to Winterhaven, Lord Paidrag congratulates the PCs on their success in defeating Kalarel and closing the Rift. He asks the PCs if they would be willing to travel to the northern country of Frostfell to help the snow elf king Thanion Lithval with a mystical threat to his kingdom.

  • What is the nature of the threat?
    The exact nature of the threat is unknown, but the weather has been even more severe than it usually is in the frozen land. There have been instances of Blood Snow Blizzards and Acid Sleet among other dire weather. Also the creatures that roam the Northern Wastes have become more savage, and are attacking the settlements, which they normally avoid.
  • Why should we go?
    Thanion has sent out messengers throughout the lands asking for aid. Lord Paidrag thinks it would bring prestige to Winterhaven to have local heroes take care of the threat. Also, Thanion has offered a large reward of gold to whoever gets rid of the threat.

When the PCs agree, Lord Paidrag suggests they buy new equipment and meet him at the gates of the city, where his carriage will take them north.

When the PCs arrive at the city entrance, Lord Paidrag presents them all with Cloaks of the North.

Cloak of the North
A white cloak whose magical properties grant survival bonuses to the wearer in wintry conditions. +2 to all rolls pertaining to surviving the cold. +2 to all Hide and Move Silently checks when in snowy conditions.

Encounter 1 – Ambush!

While the PCs are on the road to Frostfell’s capital city of Skyrim, they are ambushed by magical creatures.

Ice Weird (1)
CR: 11
HP: 115
Init: +6
AC: 21
Attack: Slam +10 melee (1d6+5 plus 1d6 cold)
Full Attack: 2 Slams +10, +5 melee (1d6+5 plus 1d6 cold)
Special Attacks: Chill, elemental command, summon elemental
  • Chill – In addition to its normal slam damage, an ice weird deals an extra 1d6 points of cold damage with a successful melee attack.
    Saves: Fort +14, Ref +9, Will +11
    Abilities: Str 21 Dex 14 Con 17 Int 21 Wis 25 Cha 22

This creature looks like a large, beautiful woman sculpted out of pure, transparent ice. Her eyes glow with white fire and misty vapors pour off her body, evaporating into the air. Below her torso, her body becomes a shifting column of ice blocks that connect her to the icy surface beneath her.

Snow Weird (1)
CR: 15
HP: 112
Init: +8
AC: 19
Attack: Slam +10 melee (1d6+5 plus 1d6 cold)
Full Attack: 2 Slams +10, +5 melee (1d6+5 plus 1d6 cold)
Special Attacks: Chill, elemental command, summon elemental
  • Chill – In addition to its normal slam damage, an ice weird deals an extra 1d6 points of cold damage with a successful melee attack.
    Saves: Fort +10, Ref +15, Will +11
    Abilities: Str 21 Dex 18 Con 17 Int 20 Wis 25 Cha 22

This creature appears as a large, beautiful woman composed entirely of brilliant white snow. She has dazzling silver eyes too bright to look at. Below her torso, her body becomes a swirling blizzard that connects her to the snowy ground.

Total XP: 4,267
Total Treasure: Ice Diamond Necklace, value 1,000 gp; Blue Frost Diamond Necklace, value 1,000 gp

The creature’s bodies evaporate into water as they are killed, leaving no trace that they were there at all.

When the encounter is over, Lord Paidrag remarks that only someone with very powerful control over the weirds could force them this far south. Weirds do not like traveling far from their elemental pools, which are portals to their own plain. They also rarely attack, and it is unnatural for them to be so openly hostile. Clearly they were sent to attack the PCs.

A King’s Reception

The carriage takes the PCs straight to Thanion’s ice palace in Skyrim, where two Midgard Dwarves lead them into the central reception hall. There are three other groups of adventurers present: a band of four female Valkyries, a group of four burly Midgard Dwarves, and an eclectic group of 6 adventurers who are clearly from the south.

Thanion thanks the adventurers for responding to his call, and he explains the problem. He offers a reward of 25,000 gp to whoever eliminates the threat in the north, by whatever means necessary. Also, he presents three of his scouts, who have information about some strange happenings in the area.

Three scouts:
  • The first scout, a female snow elf, says that Yuki’On’Na, a female spirit living in the taiga, has the ability of prophecy, and she would be a good person to seek out to find out more information.
  • The second scout, a Midgard Dwarf clad all in furs, says that all overland trade routes have been cut off, and the only pass through the White Wall Mountains, The Frost Cage, has been overrun by snow goblins. He suggests hiring the dwarven tracker Dvalinn Icebeard to guide the PCs across the open wasteland to the mountain pass.
  • The third scout, a Tundra Halfling from the northern coast of Frostfell, reports that the trade city Ice Harbor is under siege, and he implores the PCs to help. The only way to reach Ice Harbor is throuth the Frost Cage.
Three groups of adventurers (see NPC page):
  • Valkyrie Adventurers – This band of Level 10 adventurers is comprised of four tall blondhuman females in blue and white fur and silver armor. Two are fighters, with broadswords strapped to their back. One is a cleric, and one is an archer. The Valkyries are closed-mouthed and not interested in talking to the PCs, but if the PCs ask the other adventurers about them, they find out that the four women are sisters.
  • Midgard Adventurers – These four male dwarves are a raucous bunch, and they are more than willing to offer the PCs advice on survival. Their leader, a cleric, has a strange magical blue eye, and when asked, he states that he is a priest of Odin, who has a local temple in Skyrim. If the PCs ask them about survival and traveling in the snow, one of the fighters offers them a skin of Frostbite Salve.
  • Band from the South – These six adventurers form a motley band, who seem openly hostile to the PCs, viewing them as a threat. Their equipment looks inappropriate for adventuring in Frostfell, and they offer no helpful advice. Their leader is a weasely half-elf named Aian.

If asked if they were attacked on their journey, all of the NPC adventurers answer yes.




Female Gnome, Level 3 Commoner
Wayrocket is the owner of The Road North, an adventuring gear shop in the Merchant District. For sale in this shop is basic adventuring gear, as well as some of the more specialized equipment for dealing with survival in the extreme cold. (See Equipment)
  • Wayrocket recently had a run-in with some local brigands. She mentions this to the PCs upon their meeting. If questioned further, she says she was mugged on her way home after closing up shop by a band of half-elves. They were last seen along the road east of the Merchant District.
  • Wayrocket is running short on some supplies, since the other adventuring groups came and bought them.
  • If asked about the location of Dvalinn Icebeard, Wayrocket can accurately direct the PCs to his cabin Northeast of Skyrim.
  • If asked about Yuki’On’Na, Wayrocket does not know her exact location, but she directs the PCs to Qillalia, an elven ranger who tends to hang out in the Hungry Knuckle Alehouse in the Foreign District.
  • If asked about Ice Harbor, Wayrocket has heard rumors that they are in trouble and regrets this, since she gets a lot of her supplies from there.
Qillalia Female Elf, Level 7 Ranger
Qillalia is located in the Hungry Knuckle Inn, in the Foreign District. She has only recently arrived in town from the taiga to the Southeast of Skyrim.
  • If asked about Yuki’On’Na, she can accurately draw a map to guide the PCs to her grove. She also mentions that the wildlife in the area have been acting strangely of late, and are more prone to attacking.
  • If asked about Dvalinn, she has heard of him by reputation, but has never met him.
  • If asked about Ice Harbor, Qillalia has not heard any of the rumors about the siege.
Llelwyn Male Elf, Level 8 Adept
Llelwyn is the shy owner of Llelwyn’s Alchemistry, an alchemical shop in the Merchant District.
  • If the PCs ask about supplies, he mentions that he has had trouble collecting them, since the animals have grown so fierce. He offers to pay the PCs to bring him any supplies they find.

Gameplay notes

PCs: Tamaril, Grungold, X

Though their objective is to save the north, our intrepid adventurers immediately set about doing things their way. Tamaril dabbled in alchemy, Grungold seduced the elven maidens with his exotic, er…charms, and X managed to find herself a new mount to traverse the wintry landscape. Finding their way blocked by rival adventurers, our daring heroes began plotting sabotage, but before they could spring their trap, the realized that the rivals were one step ahead. Hard on their trail, the adventuresome band wound their way through the perils of Frostwind Vale in pursuit of a sage who could answer their questions.



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