Far Secrets, Northern Visions

Session 3: Ice Visions, pt. 2

Encounter 1: Pitched Battle

As the PCs enter the valley, they see the adventuring group that was at the king’s palace engaged in pitched battle, seemingly with the air. Most of them are badly wounded.

If the PCs decide to intervene and help the adventurers, all adventurers are bloodied. The Phantoms are at full health.

If the PCs decide to watch, the Phantoms kill all the adventurers and the remaining 4 phantoms turn on the PCs.

Phantom Warrior (7)
Medium Shadow Humanoid (Undead)
Initiative: +8
HP: 40, Bloodied 20
AC: 18
Fort 16, Ref 15, Cha 16
Immune disease, poison
Speed 6, Fly 6, phasing
STR 14, DEX 12, CON 12, INT 10, WIS 11, CHA 14

Phantom Sword (at-will): +9 vs. Reflex, 1d8+2 necrotic damage

See the Band from the South NPC page for stats.

If any of the adventurer’s survive, they offer to work with the PCs to rescue Yuki’On’Na.


About two-thirds of the way up the canyon, there is a winding trail that leads upwards into the walls (Perception DC 15). This trail leads up to the cave where Yuki’On’Na was taken.

See Altitude Sickness and Avalanches.

Encounter 2: Cave Guardian

Upon entering the cavern complex, the PCs are attacked by the ice golem protecting Yuki’On’Na.

Ice Golem (1)

CR 12, XP 1200
Large Natural Animate (construct)
Init: +4
HP 304, Bloodied 152
AC 26
Fort 29, Ref 21, Will 22
Saving Throws +2
Speed 6
Action Points: 1
20, 7, 22, 3, 8, 3

Slam (at-will): Reach 2, +16 vs. AC, 2d8+5 damage, target is dazed (save ends)

Double Attack (at-will): Two slam attacks

Berserk (automatic, upon being bloodied): The golem makes a slam attack against a random opponent when bloodied.

Golem Rampage (recharge 5 rounds): The golem may move up to 8 squares, including through the enemy spaces, provoking opportunity attacks as normal. As the golem passes within reach or through the enemy’s space, he executes a slam attack. This must be ended in an unoccupied space.


In the hallway on the way to Yuki’On’Na’s room is a trap.

Ice-Spike Pit Trap
Mechanical; location trigger; automatic reset; DC 20 Reflex save avoids; 60 ft. deep (6d6, fall); pit ice spikes (Atk +10 melee, 1d4 spikes for 1d4 plus 1d6 cold each); Search DC 20; Disable Device DC 17.

Treasure Room

There is a chest on the far side of this room (Lock DC 30) containing 150 gp and a large pearl (100 gp).


The PCs enter a room that was clearly constructed by intelligent beings. On the far wall, a beautiful, unearthly spirit with unnaturally pale skin and long black hair is chained to a wall (DC 25 to unlock).

Once the PCs free her, she is willing to answer their questions.

What is the threat to the north?
Yuki’On’Na has, through her scrying, determined that the threat comes from a frost demon from another realm. It’s stronghold is located far to the north, beyond even the borders of Frostell and the Sea of Shivers.

Why are there so many invisible enemies?
The demon has cast a protective spell on many of its henchmen, making them invisible to those in this plane. Yuki’On’Na offers to perform a ritual to grant the PCs sight of the creatures, but she needs her ritual kit. (If the PCs brought it, she will do the ritual right there. If not, they must travel back to her cottage.)

Why was she kidnapped?
The demon wanted to use her powers of premonition for its own unknown purposes. She was brought here to await an escort to the stronghold.

What should we do next?
She suggests traveling north, to see if the PCs can locate the stronghold of the demon.

Why are the animals acting so strange?
They are more sensitive to the blight on the landscape than others, and know something is amiss. As the demon grows in power, so too will the unnaturalness spread.



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